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Legal employment

Work and Travel Emirates program

in United Arab Emirates



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Barman, Bartender


• Salary is 500-1000$ + tips

(over 500$)

• Ability to prepare at least 20 kind of cocktails

• Intermediate English Level

• Work experience as a bartender



• Salary is 450-600$ + tips (400$)

• Knowledge of cocktail recipes

• Intermediate English Level

• Work experience is not mandatory



• Salary is 600$ + tips (500$)

• Ability to make different kind of coffee and drinks based on it

• Intermediate English Level

• Work experience is welcomed

Flight attendant


• Salary is from 700$

• Pleasant appearance

• Advanced English Level

Food runner


• Salary is from 500$ + tips (300$)

• Pre-Intermediate English Level

Cook, commis chef, sous chef, chef de partie

• Salary is 800-3000$

• Knowledge of recipes for preparing different cuisine dishes

• Education on given specialty, certificates are welcomed

• Experience as a cook

• Intermediate or Advanced English Level (depending on position)



• Salary is 700-1200$ + tips


• Pleasant appearance

• Experience of working with clients

• Upper-Intermediate English Level


Guest relation officer

• Salary is from 600$ + tips (500$)

• Work Experience in the hotel business

• Knowledge of professional software such as Opera, Fidelio

• Upper-Intermediate English Level


• Salary is 750-1700$ + tips


• Pleasant appearance

• Work Experience in the restaurant sphere

• Upper-Intermediate English Level



• Salary is from 1200$ + tips (500$)

• Work Experience as a sommelier

• Knowledge of different wines and their combination with different dishes

• Upper-Intermediate English Level

Personal assistant, secretary

• Salary is from 900$

• Work Experience

• Knowledge of the Microsoft Office software, ability to work with documents, office equipment

• Advanced English Level

Waiter, waitress


• Salary is 600-1100$ + tips


• Pleasant appearance

• Work experience is not mandatory

• Intermediate English Level


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What are advantages of working in the UAE?

International experience

Capital of entertainment


Obtaining advantages for future

employment in any countries. Meeting

people from all over the world


Living in one

of the most developed and safest countries in the world. Rest on the best beaches. Ability to travel

Level of your spoken English certainly will be improved due to its constant use


of savings


Stable average salary in the amount

of $ 1150, which you can spend

on everything you need

You will not spend your salary to pay for apartment rent, utilities, food, transportation to work and back and round trip tickets

UAE - is the summer mood during 365 days per year, fabulous beaches

on the shore of the Persian Gulf, incredible landscapes with oases

and high dunes

What are the advantages

of Work and Travel Emirates program?

Companies with a worldwide reputation

We work only with 5 stars hotels

and DeLuxe restaurants

Medical insurance

Required and provided by the law at employer expenses and covers medical service


Comfortable accommodation, 2 person in the room. Rent and utility costs are paid by the employer under the contract


The employer's company at its expenses organizes transportation from place of residence to work and back for their employees


According to the program flight in both directions is provided  by the employer under the contract. At the airport representative of the employer will meet you


You will get a employment visa, which confirms legal employment. Consular fee is fully paid by the employer


Provided at work for all employees


We care about participants of our program throughout the term of the contract.

Our reputation is not indifferent for us!


You pay for the program only after receiving the contract

What do you need to take part in the program?


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on employment in the UAE



International passport

valid at least

1.5 years

from the beginning of the program


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Work and Travel Emirates

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the employment contract

Pay for the program

We will issue a visa

and will buy tickets for you

We will support you

throughout the term

of the contract

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Work and Travel Emirates?

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How can you find us?


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on employment in the UAE


We will be glad to answer any interested questions.


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